Jackson Hole Private Chef

cjefJS-bio2Jackson Hole private chef Jarrett Schwartz brings his exclusive skill set to catered events and residences

Chef Jarrett Schwartz is Jackson Hole’s premiere private chef and event caterer with 22 years experience as owner and chef of upscale restaurants and private kitchens.

Chef Schwartz combines skillful traditional techniques with modern twists to create a unique style of cuisine he calls Innovative American Cuisine. His love of food, attention to detail, and talent for combining unique flavors are sure to tantalize even the most devout foodie. Chef Schwartz is creative with his menus, artistic with his presentation, and overall a food service expert.

After years of training, opening and owning several restaurants, Chef Schwartz shifted his focus to the private sector, bringing his exclusive skill set to private event catering and residences.


Chef Schwartz’s philosophy on food is simple: serve the freshest, highest quality, sustainable foods utilizing all natural ingredients and source those ingredients from the finest local and national purveyors.


Jarrett Schwartz grew up fishing with his family on the East Coast and developed a healthy respect for fresh fish at an early age.  His love of fishing and discernible palate naturally led him to the art of sushi. He trained under Mikey Aguliar at Mikado and Kampai, Park City, then proceeded to open Happy Sumo, Park City and consult for Happy Sumo, SLC. Schwartz then moved to Jackson Hole and opened Nikai, Mizu (Best New Asian Restaurants, Food and Wine, 2006), Sudachi, Blu-Kitchen (“A High Roller”, Outside Magazine), and The Kitchen (Best Unconventional Chef, Jackson Hole, 2010). Prior to his sushi training, he began his career at the critically-acclaimed Chez Betty in Park City.

Throughout his years as a professional chef and restaurant owner, Chef Schwartz has developed a well-rounded array of recipes and culinary techniques that spans from classic to innovative.  Chef Schwartz has been offering his services to the private community from Los Angeles to the Hamptons and heads to Spain in March, 2013 to bring his renowned cooking style to Europe.